In the lair with The Colossal Collective
By Zach Kyle
The legends are true: There be monsters at Treefort Music Fest. In 2017, concertgoers spoke of a 20-foot-tall gorilla ambling [...]
The Cabin's Readings and Conversations series sparks community discourse
By Jamie Hausman
Ticket holders buzz in the dim light of The Egyptian Theatre’s marquee, waiting for the sold-out show to start. They’re [...]
By Cheryl Haas | Photography by Angie Smith
In this age of disposable everything—when shoes are not made to be repaired, stoves last a mere five years instead [...]
Behind the scenes at the Mountain Home Country Music Festival
By Amy Story Larson
Late in July, drivers cresting Highway 20’s hill near Pine, Idaho, can often be seen doing a double take. There [...]
Celeste Bolin's many lives
By Zach Kyle
Anybody who’s taken one of Celeste Bolin’s dance classes with music blaring and bodies pumping and sweat flowing knows she’s [...]
‘Idaho’ Author Emily Ruskovich
By Ellie Rodgers
“A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders [...]
The art of Rachel Teannalach
By Ellie Rodgers
For the last three years, artist Rachel Teannalach has taken her paints and brushes outdoors, creating a daily visual journal, [...]
Jim Cockey is an Idaho original
By Cheryl Haas
Jim Cockey, a Boise-based composer known for his innovative symphonic works, followed a long and winding musical road before he [...]
Filmmaking takes off in the Treasure Valley
By Karen Day
The first thing Clint Eastwood said to me was, “Your pants have holes in them.” We faced off on a [...]
Boise Art Museum Turns 80
By Amy Story Larson
I can’t imagine Boise without the Boise Art Museum,” said Kathleen Keys, Boise State University’s Art Department Chair, “It’s a [...]