Filmmaking takes off in the Treasure Valley
By Karen Day
The first thing Clint Eastwood said to me was, “Your pants have holes in them.” We faced off on a [...]
Boise Art Museum Turns 80
By Amy Story Larson
I can’t imagine Boise without the Boise Art Museum,” said Kathleen Keys, Boise State University’s Art Department Chair, “It’s a [...]
Eric Garcia takes the baton at the Philharmonic
By Cheryl Haas
Under the baton of new music director Eric Garcia, the Boise Philharmonic has already begun to soar, delivering season openers [...]
Boise's hidden gem
By Cheryl Haas
Remember the old hit, “Don’t Play Anything Mellow at the Whiskey” by Loggins and Messina? It was the penultimate musicians’ [...]
Photographer Angie Smith documents the stories of refugees
By Kelcie Moseley | Photography by Angie Smith
As photographer Angie Smith stood on stage at the Treefort Music Festival in March discussing the interview she had had [...]
Summer at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival
By Jill Kuraitis | Photos: Courtesy Idaho Shakespeare Festival/DKM Photography
In Shakespeare the birds sing, the bushes are clothed with green, hearts love, souls suffer, the cloud wanders, it is [...]
Freak Alley Gallery provides a unique showplace for city artists
By Patti Murphy
If it hadn’t been for the drizzly winter weather and an accidental bump on the head, Freak Alley Gallery in [...]
Boise's literary community is thriving
By Ellie Rodgers
Their headlights cut through frigid January fog, their snow tires crept through deep, ice-block ruts leading to Surel’s Place. These [...]
Treasures hidden in plain sight
By Patti Murphy
As you wander through downtown Boise, each turn of a corner, glance into a side alleyway or gaze up the [...]
Story of a modern blacksmith
By Cheryl Haas
The pretty, petite woman pulling the molten steel rod from the glowing forge and shaping it, blow by blow with [...]