A new classroom at the Peregrine Fund will connect Boise students to global raptor scientists
Patti Murphy
In an outdoor area at The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey, a small group of people gather [...]
A campaign for conserving the Barber Pool
Jamie Hausman
Wrapping down Warm Springs Avenue and north of Surprise Way in Boise is an oblong parcel of land. It is [...]
indieDwell tackles Boise’s housing problem with creative solutions
Winslow Brokaw
A Boise-based company, indieDwell, has revolutionized the building industry by creating homes that are durable, energy efficient, sustainable and affordable [...]
The Ruth Melichar Bird Center offers a second chance to Boise’s winged wildlife
Patti Murphy
Inside the old red barn perched on a rise overlooking the sprawling Quail Hollow Golf Course in Boise’s foothills, a [...]
Boise State's new Center for Fine Arts
Ellie Rodgers
In early planning meetings for what he calls his “crowning achievement,” Boise State University President Bob Kustra’s mantra was “think [...]
When Lake Bonneville broke loose, Idaho's landscape was transformed
Sharon Fisher
Looking around southwestern Idaho’s desert ecology, you may not believe it, but one of the biggest floods in U.S. history [...]
Boise’s Hyatt Hidden Lakes makes a comeback
Patti Murphy
As dusk falls on Boise, it’s not uncommon to see large groups of Canada geese winging their way to the [...]
Peaceful Belly Farm to leave its Dry Creek Valley roots
Ellie Rodgers
The Dry Creek Valley north of Boise is magical: rolling, golden hills dotted with farms, ranches, sage and rabbitbrush, and [...]
When life and work come together
Ellie Rodgers
Artist Karen Eastman sees exciting potential in her new downtown Boise condo. She bought one of three live/work units at [...]
David Hale’s organic approach to redeveloping the Linen District
Jill Kuraitis
Always a lively place, downtown Boise has, over the past decade, grown even more dynamic and attractive. Both homegrown and [...]