The Twilight Criterium sets Boise's cycling on a world stage
Jamie Hausman
For Boiseans, Christmas in July comes in the form of the Twilight Criterium. Instead of buzzing around the Capitol Christmas [...]
All the ways to enjoy the capital city
Kate Hull
Foodies, beer connoisseurs, history buffs, and adventure seekers alike will delight on any trip to Idaho’s capital city. The bustling [...]
Boisean Tara Russell leads an effort in social-impact travel
Winslow Brokaw
“Leadership is a willingness to live with eyes focused on a future that doesn’t yet exist and that you want [...]
Wildflowers and spectacular views beckon hikers and bikers
Torrie Cope
When the snow finally melts and the temperatures warm after a long winter, the Boise foothills welcome eager hikers, runners, [...]
Hot springs in Boise’s backyard
Amy Story Larson
An estimated 17 million years ago, according to scientists, a meteorite traveling upwards of 50,000 miles per hour slammed into [...]
Where the pavement ends and adventure begins
Cheryl Haas
If you’re tired of watching snow fall and are itching for a change of scenery—and Hawaii is not in your [...]
The mysterious Map Rock
Sharon Fisher
What could be the oldest map in the world is right here in Idaho: Map Rock, located in Canyon County, [...]
Bruneau Dunes State Park
Amy Busek
You need to travel to the Bruneau Sand Dunes to grasp the enormity of its biggest namesake. A prehistoric monolith [...]
Finding refuge in the Nelson Conservation Area
Matt Furber
Melon gravel, the heavy basalt boulders tossed along the Snake River like gigantic buckshot, is a wonder of the Gem [...]
Zoo Boise leads conservation efforts at home and abroad
Kate Hull | Photography by Chad Case
At Zoo Boise, watching a sloth bear vacuum up mealworms from your hand helps educate law enforcement officers and lawyers [...]