Debi Lane builds more than a brand with Lunchbox Wax
Jamie Hausman
Every morning, Debi Lane, the founder and CEO of Lunchbox Wax, finds her focus in meditation. She brings the same [...]
The Olympic gold medalist promotes healthy lifestyles with her new gym venture
Torrie Cope
With three Olympic gold medals and multiple national and world championship titles in the sport of cycling, Kristin Armstrong has [...]
Idaho Humane Society’s legacy of compassion continues
Patti Murphy
The seeds of the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) were planted about 119 years ago when a group of animal loving [...]
Fun at the Discovery Center of Idaho
Cheryl Haas
Rockets! Dinosaurs! Slime! The Discovery Center of Idaho, abutting Julia Davis Park in Boise, is a hands-on, STEM-based (science, technology, [...]
Boise embraces e-scooters
Zach Kyle
If you spend any time in Downtown Boise, chances are you’ve seen Meredith Stead, dressed in high heels and business [...]
The Idaho Community Foundation celebrates 30 years of giving
Jamie Hausman
In 1992, Ethel and Ronald Rawlinson, a nurse and a doctor from Emmett, Idaho, contributed $500,000 earned in their careers [...]
In its 22nd year, Winter Garden a Glow spreads light and love
Amy Busek
Frances Bacon once famously said that dark must be present for light to shine brightly. In Boise, hundreds of thousands [...]
The new design addresses emerging library trends
Kelcie Moseley
Since the 1970s, Boise’s children and adults have wandered the tall orange shelves throughout the main library downtown. The building [...]
Brad Little and Paulette Jordan face off in Idaho's gubernatorial race
Karen Day
Thomas Jefferson. James Madison. George Washington. Abigail Adams. Betsy Ross. Most Americans regard the Founding Fathers and Mothers with no [...]
Understanding Emma Edwards Green's contribution to the Gem State
McKenna Koon
Have you ever sat and wondered about the meaning behind the state seal of Idaho? No? Well, that’s not surprising [...]