Boise explores options for a downtown sports complex
By Kelcie Moseley
The Boise Hawks baseball stadium has been located next to the Western Idaho Fairgrounds since 1989, and local critics of [...]
The ‘Boise Boys’ bring old, local homes to life
By Amy Busek
“You can tell we’re completely different people,” Clint Robertson said with a laugh. Dressed practically and with the air of [...]
Tech entrepreneur Faisal Shah
By Zach Kyle
Faisal Shah, one of the luminaries of the Boise tech world, didn’t need more money or accolades when he started [...]
Alternative energy option isn't just about sustainability anymore
By Kelcie Moseley
Not so long ago—barely a decade ago—solar panels were viewed as something only purchased by wealthy hippies and eclectic consumers. [...]
The Valley's real estate market heats up
By Zach Kyle
This summertime, the living was easy for Treasure Valley home sellers. Most houses sold quickly, often after receiving competing offers—often [...]
The Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial celebrates 15 years
By Kate Hull
A stroll through The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, a nearly one-acre educational park adjacent to the Boise River Greenbelt, [...]
Pent-up demand fuels Boise hotel boom
By Zach Kyle
Like towering, multimillion-dollar weeds, new hotels seem to spring out of the downtown Boise concrete every other month. With The [...]
Boise’s Capitol City Market
By Karen Day | Photography by Ray J. Gadd
“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”—Susan Sontag We all have a dream destination—a Tahitian beach cabana, the [...]
Rhodes Skate Park welcomes an X Games qualifier
By Amy Story Larson
“Instead of running them off, we’re bringing them in.” This is a message the city of Boise might like to [...]
Don’t be left in the dark
By Sharon Fisher | Map and Graphic Courtesy NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
Idaho will have a rare spot in the international limelight this summer when it becomes the place to go to [...]