Boise’s Capitol City Market
By Karen Day | Photography by Ray J. Gadd
“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”—Susan Sontag We all have a dream destination—a Tahitian beach cabana, the [...]
Rhodes Skate Park welcomes an X Games qualifier
By Amy Story Larson
“Instead of running them off, we’re bringing them in.” This is a message the city of Boise might like to [...]
Don’t be left in the dark
By Sharon Fisher | Map and Graphic Courtesy NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
Idaho will have a rare spot in the international limelight this summer when it becomes the place to go to [...]
The Record Exchange remains a cornerstone of Boise's music culture
By Amy Busek
The Record Exchange is more than a music store; it’s a Boise institution. More than 30 years ago, owner Michael [...]
Boise's startup base camp gets on point
By Matt Furber
Trailhead, Boise’s downtown co-working space is a startup hub stretching its legs. With eight-week courses that accommodate working people and [...]
City Club’s Civility Project
By Cheryl Haas
In the most contentious of election years, it often seems as though we as a nation have hit a new [...]
When business and altruism come together
By Matt Furber
Historically, corporations don’t map out a mission that specifically benefits the community. Certainly, pharmaceutical companies provide a public good for [...]
Preserving a lost art through generations of apprenticeship
By Cheryl Haas
The art of making and repairing shoes has been the province of the Riebe family since the end of the [...]
BSU's College of Innovation and Design leads the way forward
By Greg Stahl
Gordon Jones is a student and teacher, hockey player and skier, freethinker and pragmatist. But perhaps most of all, he’s [...]