Photographer Angie Smith documents the stories of refugees
Kelcie Moseley | Photography by Angie Smith
As photographer Angie Smith stood on stage at the Treefort Music Festival in March discussing the interview she had had [...]
Summer at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Jill Kuraitis | Photos: Courtesy Idaho Shakespeare Festival/DKM Photography
In Shakespeare the birds sing, the bushes are clothed with green, hearts love, souls suffer, the cloud wanders, it is [...]
Freak Alley Gallery provides a unique showplace for city artists
Patti Murphy
If it hadn’t been for the drizzly winter weather and an accidental bump on the head, Freak Alley Gallery in [...]
Boise's literary community is thriving
Ellie Rodgers
Their headlights cut through frigid January fog, their snow tires crept through deep, ice-block ruts leading to Surel’s Place. These [...]
Treasures hidden in plain sight
Patti Murphy
As you wander through downtown Boise, each turn of a corner, glance into a side alleyway or gaze up the [...]
Story of a modern blacksmith
Cheryl Haas
The pretty, petite woman pulling the molten steel rod from the glowing forge and shaping it, blow by blow with [...]
Music director to make beautiful music with the Philharmonic
Cheryl Haas
Classical music lovers in Boise have a rare opportunity to observe some of the most talented conductors in the orchestral [...]
Developing national talent at Opera Idaho
Cheryl Haas
Boise may seem isolated and a long way from the spotlight of national opera stages, but it’s a leap that [...]