Choosing to go it alone in Salmon River country
By Cheryl Haas
The isolation of the Salmon Rivers—the Main and the Middle Fork—far from civilization in the heart of the Frank Church [...]
Idaho’s state insect faces environmental challenges on many fronts
By Sharon Fisher
If there’s any butterfly that people know, it’s the monarch. Its orange-and-black coloring helps it stand out against the landscape, [...]
Boise’s historical buildings breathe new life
By Jamie Hausman
The cranes piercing Boise’s skyline are an obvious sign of the times: new buildings, growth, and a dynamic economy. However, [...]
Boise’s past comes to life in its historical cemeteries
By Patti Murphy
Despite what many people have grown up believing about cemeteries—that they are morbid places reserved only for people who have [...]
How food production drives Idaho’s economic and cultural wellbeing
By Greg Stahl
Karl Joslin is a man shaped by southern Idaho’s fertile desert soils. A third-generation farmer who was born near Salmon [...]
Tara Westover on learning and leaving an Idaho mountain
By Jenny Emery Davidson
“I had a mountain.” Author Tara Westover offered this simple statement near the beginning of her talk at The Community [...]
The magic of Bolin guitars
By Cheryl Haas
Inside an unassuming, flat-roofed building that snugs up against the terrain on Hill Road in Boise, there’s musical alchemy at [...]
Rocky Barker's 43-year adventure in journalism
By Zach Kyle
The sudden gust of wind pressed against Rocky Barker’s back, the first hint of the coming conflagration. He’d spent weeks [...]
Freedom of the Press and American democracy
By David Gray Adler
Freedom of the press was enshrined in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as a fulfillment of the republican [...]
Silver City offers a step back in time
By Sharon Fisher | Photography by Woods Wheatcroft
It’s a story told throughout the West. At one time, Silver City was the Owyhee County seat and the center [...]