Float, hike, bike, and ride your way through the Gem State’s wonders
By Torrie Cope
The state of Idaho is home to thousands of miles of wild rivers and scenic trails. There are countless alpine [...]
The story of Idaho's water and its hold on a young state
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In the West, battles over water tend to get framed in terms of big abstract entities—municipalities, hydropower companies, agricultural conglomerates—wrestling [...]
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Mustard gas, aerial bombings, and death from disease and the influenza epidemic were all part of the horrors of World [...]
The burgeoning wine country of Sunnyslope
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The view is gorgeous. The wine is already good and getting better all the time. The Sunnyslope vine-yards and wineries [...]
Nine Boise women creating positive change in the world
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The year was 1890. Idaho was a newborn state, and a national contest was launched to design the Idaho State [...]
Boise's trees shade an active community with a grove of benefits
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Travel in from the vast Western desert by highway and wait for Boise, and soon there is an exit from [...]
Idaho's metropolitan hub peaks nationwide curiosity
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Vogue dubbed it a “culinary hotspot.” Forbes continues to place it in the top ranks of the nation’s fastest growing [...]
How a former politician transformed a university
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Few if any were shocked when Bob Kustra announced last month he was retiring from his post as president at [...]
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Felicia Burkhalter and Millie Davis remember how much their father Dallas Harris loved to walk his property along the Boise [...]
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A grey-brown sandstone memorial sitting on the front lawn of the Idaho Angler on Vista Avenue in Boise, Idaho, sports [...]