Photographer Jeff Callihan captures wild moments
By Emilee Mae Struss
Wind rustles the needles of nearby pine trees. The sun’s first golden ray of light extends above the mountains. It’s [...]
The North Fork Championship challenges the world's best kayakers
By Kira Tenney
“Without any doubt, NFC [the North Fork Championship] is the biggest event in kayaking,” said professional kayaker and Red Bull [...]
Choosing to go it alone in Salmon River country
By Cheryl Haas
The isolation of the Salmon Rivers—the Main and the Middle Fork—far from civilization in the heart of the Frank Church [...]
A campaign for conserving the Barber Pool
By Jamie Hausman
Wrapping down Warm Springs Avenue and north of Surprise Way in Boise is an oblong parcel of land. It is [...]
Idaho Youth Ranch has been helping young Idahoans for 65 years
By Patti Murphy
About 35 miles west of downtown Boise, at the sprawling 258-acre Hands of Promise Ranch operated by the Idaho Youth [...]
Debi Lane builds more than a brand with Lunchbox Wax
By Jamie Hausman
Every morning, Debi Lane, the founder and CEO of Lunchbox Wax, finds her focus in meditation. She brings the same [...]
A highlight on international cuisine
By Emilee Mae Struss
If you spend any time in Downtown Boise, chances are you’ve seen Meredith Stead, dressed in high heels and business [...]