Boise’s commitment to public art
By Sharon Fisher
When you think of public art, the first image that pops up is often some amorphous blob surrounded by concrete—what [...]
Get a taste of the Washington wine scene just four hours from Boise
By Jamie Hausman
Walla Walla translates to “many waters” in the First Nations language of the area, referring to the confluence of the [...]
Boise’s historical buildings breathe new life
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The cranes piercing Boise’s skyline are an obvious sign of the times: new buildings, growth, and a dynamic economy. However, [...]
indieDwell tackles Boise’s housing problem with creative solutions
By Winslow Brokaw
A Boise-based company, indieDwell, has revolutionized the building industry by creating homes that are durable, energy efficient, sustainable and affordable [...]
Revitalizing the Lusk District
By Emilee Struss
Wrapping down South 9th Street, parallel to Capitol Boulevard, and looping along the side of Ann Morrison Park is an [...]
Idaho Humane Society’s legacy of compassion continues
By Patti Murphy
The seeds of the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) were planted about 119 years ago when a group of animal loving [...]
Fiddler’s Green Farm Grows in Dry Creek
By Jamie Hausman
Drive northwest of downtown Boise for 10 minutes, where the road winds through the foothills and farmland. Pass cattle in [...]